Fab Demo : Voronoi Puzzle

Posted on January 25, 2012

Demo to program and manufacture a parametric voronoi jigsaw puzzle using Rhino, RhinoCAM & Grasshopper

Project Files, Notes & Videos for Rhino5, Grasshopper 0.9.0014 & Rhinocam 2012

Project Notes (evernote)
Download Project Files

Project Files & Videos for Rhino4, Grasshopper 0.8.xxxx & Rhinocam 2.5

Video 01: Introduction
Video 02: Create a Parametric Voronoi Diagram
Video 03: Filter Out Perimeter Lines
Video 04: Filter Out Short Lines
Video 05: Create Puzzle Connections
Video 06: Final Geometry Cleanup in Grasshopper
Video  07: Nest and MOP Sets in RhinoCAM (coming soon)
Download Project Files