About Christopher Whitelaw

Christopher Whitelaw is an expert in the field of Computer Aided Manufacturing in Architecture. He currently serves as the Director of Research & Development at Evans & Paul, LLC, North America’s leading manufacturer of products and projects using DuPont Corian, and the only company in the world that has been chosen by DuPont to partner in opening a Design Studio. As the head of R&D, his primary role is to lead the development & implementation of new techniques and technologies to push the boundaries of manufacturing with DuPont Corian & for the development of custom manufacturing solutions to realize cutting-edge architectural environments. Christopher has also led the teams responsible for the successful roll-out of a number of award winning products in conjunction with some of the industries greatest furniture companies including most recently, Herman Miller’s new award winning Modular Patient Room Furniture System, “Compass”.

In addition to his professional work, Christopher is recognized in architectural academic circles for pushing the envelope of digital construction with a rare balance of theoretical knowledge, technical knowhow and real world experience. This includes giving multiple public lectures and teaching multiple graduate level courses and on the subject at both Columbia University and Pratt Institute. Christopher has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University since 2002 and a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute since 2004. In addition, he also currently serves as the Area Co-Coordinator for Digital Media at the Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture.

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